About me

The Walkman archive is a non commercial website which focuses in keep the memory of those old lovely devices that we, the 70's generation, lived with.

My name is Hugo Rodriguez, and I'm a fan of every advanced portable gadget made in the 80's & 90's, specially Walkmans and watches. I have a growing collection of about 50 units, everyone carefully selected.

I've created this site mainly to show others my collection, but also to contribute to keep walkmans alive with all kind of details of every model. I tried to do it in an stylish way.

Most of the units have been taken to a professional technician to turn them "back to life" and let me enjoy them.

As I work on professional photography and have enough skills about creating a website, I decided to build a new, high-quality, elegant website to share my collection and a lot of information with all the community of collectors and walkman fans.

This site has not been possible without the enormous help of Stereo2Go user "TheLion", who is a very experienced and veteran collector and has shared a lot of information with me. Thanks, Julian.

Some useful information to build this site has came from some of the veteran websites and communities, like Pocket calculator show, Walkman Central and Stereo2Go forums, where I'm an active member. I have also to thank Stereo2Go user Dottore Walkman, who is a high-level expert technician, who helped me with some very technical info.

I don't have plans to sell my walkmans here (I use eBay for that), but if you have have any interesting unit that you think maybe we're insterested in, or su have so many interest in a walkman you've seen here, you can contact me; just send an email to:

Thanks to all that supported and helped to build and grow this site.