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New cassette releases, are they worth?



Recently I've seen one of my favorite bands, AC/DC, to release a new version of their famous Back in Black album in cassette, specially for the Record store day.

In the beginning I though I'll pass over it because of my past experiences with new releases in cassette, but I thought such a big band will be different. So, will it really be? Let's find out.

I've seen the release in the Internet, but when the RSD came in I've found it in a store here at Barcelona:

I've paid 14,90 euros which I think is quite expensive.
I've hardly would pay such money for a new release on cassette unless it's something extraordinary,
or I'm planning to use for an article...

So finally I bought it and gave it a try. Here's the cassette:

The cassette looks very normal. No indications of Dolby or chrome tape.
Nothing special here.

The color of the tape confirms it's standard type I tape.

So, let's compare it with the original release, which I luckily have (american edition):

Left: original cassette, right: new release.

First difference: the old release has the typical black plastic case.

Here we can see a clear difference: the original release is Dolby-encoded, while the new not.

Regarding the color of the magnetic tape, the new one looks a bit darker.
So, will it sound better?

The J-cards are also very different. While the original one has the typical design,
the new one looks much modern, and better printed. One has the typical design of the 70s
while the other looks like typical 90s design.


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