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JX Line: 's top-line walkmans


On top of AIWA's PX line it is the JX line, which represent the most advanced and full-featured players they ever made. I like this players a lot and find their design very attractive and particular, especially for the JX303.

This line began after the wonderful HS-J08 and continued until the HS-JX909. They all have almost the same features as their PX cousins, with the addition of radio and recording capabilites.
Although there are other JX models, I wanted to join here only the top-level models, specially those released before AIWA changed to the new, rounded logo.

Here you can see the JX101, JX303, JX505 and JX707, which I believe is the complete line. Mines are in beautiful near mint condition, with case and remotes. All of them have been "re-lived" with new caps, belts and other minor repairs. And all of them sound very good. Especially the JX505, that for me is the best sounding, but not so far that the rest.

AIWA complete JX line Side view. Upper view.

It's interesting to see (in the upper view) how much the remote connection was changed through the years, going from a multi-pin on the JX101 to a fully integrated mini jack on the JX707.



The JX101 was the first one and, like his brothers, at 1987 was probably the most advanced walkman available, adding radio and recording features to the already excellent PX101. With digital radio, feather touch buttons, remote controller, stereo recording (only through external mic), music sensor, blank skip, etc... it was indeed an advanced player.

Front view, where operation and radio buttons can be seen.    



The JX303 was the sucessor of the JX101 and it was released on 1989. It came with DSL and a new HX head with bi-azimuth alignment mechanism as the main new features.

  The upper view, with the headphones and remote connectors.  
It can be seen here the HX head. AIWA tended to notice with some sort of sticker, but this is not the case.    



The excellent JX505 was released on 1990 and it came with BBE system, an Amorphous HX head, new "pipe" earphones and all the stuff that was already fitted into the JX303.


I don't know when exactly, but probably a bit later was released the famous golden version, the JX2000, which is the same in terms of features:




It was released on 1991 and it was the last member of the line, followed of a JX929 that was, in fact, the same as the JX707 except for the new logo (caused by SONY acquisition) and some minor changes.
It came with Dolby C and voice navigation ( a curious feature where a female asian voice tells you what function did you actived everytime), as well as all the features that the JX505 already has, except that the fact that it sadly had lost the bi-azimuth mechanism and downgraded to an Amorphous head (not HX). This walkman is considered the most advanced ever made.

AIWA JX707 with its advanced remote.    

A bit later AIWA released the JX3000, the golden version of the JX707, with the same features, but in a golden box (which I do not have). Also, the remote, headphones and mic were golden too!


BBE Barcus Berry Electronics, the name of the actual BBE Sound, Inc.
DSL Dynamic Sound Loudness
DSL-EX Dynamic Sound Loudness EXtreme
HX Headroom Extended
MS Music Search
PLSS Private Listening Sound System