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Housing: Metallic
Color and finish: Black. Also red, white and pink.
Tape transport: Mechanical
Remote control:
Auto reverse:
Battery: AAAx2
Ext. compartment:
Volume limiter:
Blank skip:
Case: Hybrid (PVC & plastic)
Price: 1986: 100$
2010: 100-200$
Availability: Rare
Bass boost:
Equalizer: (5-band)
Sound processor:
Noise reduction:
Head: Standard
Freq. response: 40-16000Hz (CrO2)
Max. output: ¿?


This model was the sucessor of the HS-G08 but with the idea of making it far more affordable the it's predecessor, thanks to the lack of logic control. However, it was one of the AIWA's top models that year.

The G09 has a metallic body and it feels sturdy. It's very compact and its weight remembers you it's not a cheap plastic player. The case is one of the best I've seen on a walkman, as it protects it from shocks but allows clear access to buttons and controls, and also to the tape without having to pick out the player of the case, like in many other players.


This model represented the beginning of the end of the mechanical buttons in AIWA's line. After the G09, AIWA released almost every high quality model with logic control system in years to come. SONY was a step behind in this technology for years, as they had not top models to compete with AIWA's top line.

AIWA's HS-J09 (also named HS-J600 outside of the asian market) was its bigger brother, with the same features and the addition of radio and recording capabilities.

SONY's alternative that year was the WM-60, with similar features like auto reverse, Dolby B and EQ but it was much bigger that G09 and came without case.


The sound quality is quite good. When used without EQ, it sounds equilibrated. Quite good highs but high hiss too. The EQ does it's job very well, with very noticeable effect. The controlled frecuencies are probably the same as the G08: 100 Hz, 330Hz, 1kHz, 3.3kHz and 10kHz. When properly ajusted, the sound gets much better, with cristal-clear highs and mediums. However, the bass is not as good as a dynamic bass amplification (like AIWA's DSL), but does the job.

With Dolby ON, like many other models, the highs are cut noticeably, so the sound is a bit cut off, and although the EQ can compensate this, the result is not the same.

For rating the sound quality, we use a pair of high quality Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones, and a test tape (Maxell XL-II) with a high quality recording made with a SONY D6C portable deck. However, this is a personal opinion and it's not intended to be a precision rating.

Before testing it, it was taken to a professional technician for examine, repair and fine adjusting. Remember these are old machines and internal belts stops working properly after some time. Of course, head and rollers have been carefully cleaned before testing.

NOTE: If you have any useful info about this model or you discover a mistake, you can collaborate with us if you want to. Please send us an email and share your info. We will update the page with it.


The audio quality is yet to rate.


The AIWA HS-G09 was the top model in 1986 in the player category, not far behind the AIWA's flagship, the HS-G08. IMHO it's one of the most beautiful walkmans, when AIWA was using diagonal lines in the design of their models, and making them some of the most beautiful ever released. It's a MUST HAVE walkman for every serious collector.

Overall score
Sound quality* yet to rate
Sound w/Dolby yet to rate
Ecualization yet to rate
Build quality
Overall -

*: Without Dolby and without any ecualization or sound processing.





The hybrid case: back is rigid plastic, front is flexible PVC.   The AIWA G09 and it's direct competitor, the SONY WM-60. Top view of the G09 and the WM-60.

  The red version of the G09. Silver version of the G09. Ultra-rare green version.



The three silver, red and black models. All four colors in my collection: black, silver, red and green.    

Kenwood released two models based on the G09, the CP-300 and CP-303, that are the same, except for the lack of equalizer.

  Kenwood CP-303, a model licensed by AIWA. Photos: unknown.






Original HS-G09 catalogue, courtesy by TheLion.
(he has high quality scans available for sell)

Original HS-G09 catalogue.


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