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Here you can see walkmans appearing in movies. If you know any movie that we don't (regarding to walkmans, boomboxes or decks), please send me a message.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

See Guardians of the Galaxy at IMDb.

At the very beggining of the movie, this child (Peter Quill) is listening to a very special mixtape: the "Awesome mix 1" in his SONY TPS-L2.

Peter, listening to his SONY TPS-L2, while he waits in the hospital. A few minutes later, the movie jumps to 30 years later, and we can see Peter (Chris Pratt) again, listening to the very same mixtape while is looking for a gem in a lost planet.
The SONY TPS-L2 with the Awesome Mix 1. If you are interested, you can have a high quality replica of this tape. Look here. Peter has a strange deck in his spacecraft. Looks like a custom-made deck inspired in the 70s design. Peter wants to share his music to Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and put his MDR-5 headphones over her head.
At the end of the movie, Peter decide to open an old gift from his mother, and it contains a new mixtape: Awesome Mix 2.

Finally he plays the new tape in his deck.  

Want a high-quality replica of the 'Awesome mix tape? You can have one now. Check this out.

9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

See Nine 1/2 weeks. at IMDb

Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) enter John's apartment for the first time and looks how it is. He has a big stack of Hi-Fi and TVs.

John (Mickey Rourke) enters the room and runs the spectacular auto-reverse of his Nakamichi RX-505. After that he adjust the EQ.

Elizabeth opens John's table drawer and finds all this, where a high-end TDK MA-XG tape can be seen.    


Another 48Hrs. (1990)

See Another 48 Hrs. at IMDb

Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) is in the jail. He has a walkman that is an unidentified JVC.
Timing: 0:15:27

He puts over the headphones. Now he press play and...

He starts singing. After a few seconds it's clear that he's listening to 'Roxanne' by The police. Then he is taken in a security bus to another place. And he starts singing again in the bus, but he really sings very bad.
Timing: 0:27:27
While he is singing, two rude motorbikers are coming to kill him.


007 A view to a kill (1985)

See A view to a kill at IMDb

Two guys are hidden under a wooden port. They wear wetsuits and they seem to be recording a conversation with a walkman.
Timing: 1:04:53

Here's the walkman; it has two red stickers: one at the top (to hide the SONY logo) labeled as "DGK/32" and one at the bottom labeled as "484/GK". It's clearly a SONY WM-F5 which, BTW, doesn't have any recording feature. A diver gets out of the sea. She is Pola Ivanova (Fiona Fullerton) and wears a SONY WM-F5.


Pola unlocks the security lock of the walkman. This model is water resistant.

Now she pulls out the tape with the recording. She trows out the walkman and look at the tape. It has an important secret conversation of 'the bad': Max Zorin (Christofer Walken).

She and 007 get together and take a bath. After it, she quickly gets the tape and run out...
Timing: 1:10:11
...Where a man is waiting for her and the tape. But they were shocked to realize that it has only classical music. Because 007 has copied the secret conversation in another tape and then recorded music over it. It's clear that it's a Philips UF-I 90 cassette
So Bond (Roger Moore) was smarter than the girl and finally gets the recording.