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Here you can see walkmans appearing in movies. If you know any movie that we don't (regarding to walkmans, boomboxes or decks), please send me a message.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, of course.


Pretty Woman (1990)

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Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) comes into the bath to discover who is singing.
Timing: 0:32:53

Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) is singing in the bathtub. It's difficult to discover which walkman is Vivian listening to, but I'm confident that is a SONY Sports WM-63.
Final scene in the bath, with Vivian completely under the water.    


Hot tub time machine (2010)

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Timing: 0:23:24



Fooloose (1984)

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Willard (Chris Penn) listening to his walkman in his bed.

Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) and Willard dancing in the college. They are both connected to the same walkman. Willard wears a headphones that seems to be an AIWA.

Ren listening to music with his headphones.    


Super 8 (2011)

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Guy in the fuel station is reading instruction manual of what's supposed to be his recently purchased walkman...
Timing: 0:35:35

...which is the famous SONY TPS-L2, the world's first Walkman. This version didn't had the "walkman" logo yet. Guy listening to music.

Guy is scared by a strong noise outside. The guy goes outside and stops playing tape.