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Here you can see walkmans appearing in movies. If you know any movie that we don't (regarding to walkmans, boomboxes or decks), please send me a message.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, of course.


Baby Driver (2017)

See Baby Driver at IMDb

Baby (Ansel Elgort) listen to some voice he has recorded. (0:15:42)

Baby listens to the microcassette. He is thinking something. Baby now records the voice from the Olympus microcassette on a old, rare Califone Cardmaster. My friend Mat reviewed it at his Techmoan channel.

Then he starts to record on a dual deck. An old dual deck is doing a copy from a Maxell UR (type I) to another one. However, it seems to me like a glitch, because he doesn't start copying at any moment so the viewer understands that he is actually recording from the Califone, not copying a tape. Baby is playing with the voice on the Califone and recording on the deck.
Baby continues playing with the voice. Baby is playing an electronic battery. A R2R can be seen in the background. Baby plays some notes on a cassette-based keyboard.
  Baby finally listens to the mixtape he has just recorded.A deck can be seen in the background. Baby writing a J-card. It can easily be recognized as a Maxell...
He puts the tape in the same box as his others. Now here we can see his big mixtape collection. Most of them are Maxell UR (type I), but there are also some TDK D. Baby recording a conversation on microcassette.. (0:17:52)
Doc (Kevin Spacey) throws down all Baby's cassettes over a table. In the left side there is an orange case that looks as a NAC 731 cassette. (1:17:23). All the band examines Baby's cassettes. In front of Baby there's a blue case that seems a NAC cassette. They play one of his cassettes on a desktop voice Optimus recorder.

The mixtape scene.


Big Game(2014)

See Big game info at IMDb

A walkman can be seen. It seems it's a SONY clone, definitely a SONY-based design. Looks very much like a WM-3 but in silver colour. (min. 3:51) Oskari (Omni Tommila) is listening to some sort of voice course to imitate deer's sounds.  



Trick or Treat (1986)

See Trick or treat info at IMDb

Eddie Weinbauer puts a tape into his SANYO walkman. Seems like a simple and basic model with no bells and whistles. (0:29:01) Eddie Weinbauer (Marc Price) prepares his SONY deck to record a tape. He activates Dolby. (0:35:31) He records a chromed tape from a very strange vinyl, almost possesed by some sort of evil ghost.
Eddie's stack does strange sounds and even illuminates itself. (0:48:50) His friend got the chromed cassette and also is going to play it. (0:55:39) He plays it in a Fisher home combo (deck+turntable+radio).

Genie Wooster (Elise Richards), the bad guy's girlfriend, is listening to a special mixtape with his walkman, in a car at night. (min. 0:39:17) The walkman model is unknown but the headphones are labeled as NOVA 45. The cassette has the evil recording and it releases some sort of ghost through the headphones.

The ghost goes down. The girl is becoming excited with the music. The ghost starts to pull down the girl's clothes...
Eddie's friend is going to put the tape into a boombox in a school party. A girl discovers that there's a R2R playing a devil's recording. It seems it's a nice Revox A77 but she beat and destroys it... :-(  


American Psyco (2000)

See American Psyco info at IMDb

Patrick Bateman (Christain Bale) goes to work. He is listening to some music on a walkman. (0:07:27) Patrick enter his office and leaves his walkman. It can't be clearly see but it looks like a SONY DD. Patrick listen to some music while going in a taxi with his girlfriend. (0:9:26)
  Patrick shows a Huey Lewis & The news album on CD after putting it into his CD player. (0:26:59) A police inspector is coming. He quickly hiddens the walkman and a magazine. Here we can clearly see that it's a SONY WM-D3.

He records a self-answering machine message. (0:31:00) He is quietly listening to music. (0:31:31)