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New cassette releases, are they worth?


C'mon, hear the noise


PIONEER CT-F1250 Full review



Cassette, Walkman & Boombox FAQ


How to make custom labels & J-cards for your cassettes


SONY TC-K909ES Champagne full review


The complete guide to make excellent recordings


Which walkmans sound best?


Which headphones should I use for my walkman?


The complete guide to make good recordings


My thoughts about boomboxes


A real audio test, explained

After many months of personal research, I finally developed my own way of testing audio quality of my walkmans. In this article I show you what's every graph for and how you can read it. Hope you enjoy it.


Measuring sound quality with the 'Super-D6C' (I)

Want to know how do I set-up my equipment to perform audio quality measurements on my walkmans? So here you have a detailed article on this subject. It took me many months of testing and researching, after I found a way to test audio quality of my walkmans that fully satisfies me. I was lucky to have the help of some experts, like Dr Walkman and Tuna. In this first part you will discover how did I self test my equipment to be sure that I'm doing proper measurements. Hope you enjoy it.


Measuring sound quality with the 'Super-D6C' (II)

And here you have the 2nd part of the article, where I show you how did I prepare a reference tape for measurements, and which measures will I perform on my tests.


My life in walkmans

Want to know which players were the most important in my life? Here they are in a beautiful view.


DD center gear repair - stunning work by Dr. Walkman
Article by Antun Katona.


The fantastic 'Super-D6C', by Doctor Walkman

See how much quality does it achieve the excellent SONY D6C when a passionate precision artisan upgrades it with better components and very fine adjustments and calibration for selected tapes.


How to take in-focus photos of your gadgets

A simple tutorial to learn how to take well focused images and to avoid typical errors.


Choosing a good lighting and background

After Before

An extended tutorial that teachs you on how to use a good lighting when photographing gadgets, to get much better shots with minimal resources and spent time.


Photographing rugged metal gadgets

A guide to manage lighting with rugged metal gadgets and its reflections. Learn how to take beautiful photos of those difficult but nice gadgets!


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