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Photographing rugged metal gadgets



Moving light around

Once you manage to move the set out of direct light, you can play with light direction. There's not a good direction, but there are a few that you may normally avoid. One of them is when light comes from your back:

When light comes from your back, results are not always good.
If you don't have photographing skills, is better that you avoid this situation.

As you can see, results are not so good. Contrast is very, very high and light is not so interesting. It's better to you to avoid this situation, except if you have pretty good photographing skills.

Another situation that have to be managed carefully is when light comes from downside of the walkman:

The result is not ugly but light seems antinatural. This kind of lighting have to be managed with proper skills to have good results. Usually this kind of lighting is used in scary movies, but this is not our case ;-)

One easy and very interesting lighting is moving so it comes from a side (left or right, it's up to you):

As you can see this is getting more interesting. Light is very nice here and makes the walkman more elegant. Not only that, the soft light and the direction it comes from lets you apprecciate texture and curves of the soft metal body much better than the first photo with simple, omnidirectional, diffuse light.


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