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Choosing a good lighting and background



Let's improve it. What if we move to another place where sun is not direct? This way the shadows will be much softer. So I did it, and moved only a few meters away (3, to be exact):

Another place, lit with difusse light.

And if I get closer, I could take this photo:

Take a look at the shadow: don't you see it is much softer than previous shot? Not only that, the floor has a regular texture that helps getting a good-looking photo.

So: direct sunlight is very good at the beach, but not for photographing gadgets, but it's clearly better than direct built-in flash. But there's still one thing I can still improve: the backgound. If you look closer, you may notice this photo is better looking than previous not only by the lighting, but also by the floor texture, that's more regular.


The backgound is also important

Yes, it indeed is. A good background helps to concentrate in the subject and normally has to be clean, with very few elements, or totally plain. Let's see it.

Now I'll place the WM-B39 over a plain white surface, so as it has no texture, it can be the perfect background:

The walkman over a plain white background of my kitchen. I didn't say it has to be a studio background ;-)
Notice that I placed it not under direct sunlight, but with difusse lighting.

So if I get closer, the result is this:

Wow, the result is much better! Now it looks like a studio shot! And you see: I haven't used any studio accesory or professional equipment; just available light.

So, you see: using direct flash, photos normally are ugly, but if you search for the right place with difusse light, photos get much better:

With built-in flash With difusse light and plain background

A good improvement, huh?


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