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Choosing a good lighting and background



A closer look:

wow, now with difusse light and plain grey background it has improved A LOT!
But there's still a small problem: I can see myself reflected in the walkman, so I moved a bit to a side and tried again:

A great shot, achieved with difusse light, a plain grey background and a lower point of view.

There it is! A great shot, made only using available light and a simple camera. In fact, I can tell you that I didn't use an advanced or professional SLR camera. Not even a point&shoot one. All photos shown in this tutorial ARE MADE WITH A MOBILE PHONE's CAMERA. A iPhone's built-in camera, to be exact.

I repeat: ALL photos in the whole tutorial are made with an iPhone's built-in camera. Yes, you read it well.

A very close look. Same lighting, background and camera.

Another great shot. It doesn't look to be made at home, without aditional equipment and with a phone, right?

So, that's it. you can take great photos of your gadgets using very few resources, spending few time and with a simple camera. And all is because light. Good lighting is THE KEY to get them.

Well, I hope this has helped you to take much better photos of your gadgets.


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