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Making custom labels & J-cards for your cassettes



Ok, so here we have a bigger one, of 1000 x 1000 px:

If you click on it, you'll see this:

Ok, now do right click over it and save it in any folder of your computer, as shown above.


Filling up the label with the image

NOTE: This tutorial is based on the original J-card template. Download the new v2 version if you want more features.

Now open the Word template. In the first page you'll find an empty template, in case you want to start from scratch:

and an example one in the second page. Let's start from scratch.

First of all you have to decide which one of both labels do you prefer: the one with the circle holes or the rounded rectangle hole. That is entirely up to your taste. Let's choose the first one. So next step is to select the other one (you may select all three elements: label and holes) and delete it.

Then you can duplicate the label now if you want to make different ones for each side. If so, go and select all three elements from the first one. You can do that by selecting one hole, then keep the SHIFT key pressed and select the other two elements. At the end, release Shift. Now, drag all them down while keeping pressed the Ctrl key (in windows) or Cmd (in Mac), to make a copy. Or just right click, copy and then paste if you prefer:

Ok, now you have two copies of the same type of label.

In case you want to do the same label, you may duplicate it using the same procedure at the end. Now, let's fill it with the image. Select the label, right click over it and select Format shape...:

Now go to Fill in the left panel, select Picture or texture and click over File...:

Now select the downloaded image or any from my site:

And there it goes:

Well, as you see the label is filled up with the image, but it's heavily distorted. It doesn't look good at all. We have to stretch it horizontally to make it looks as it really is (square in this case).



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