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Making custom labels & J-cards for your cassettes



So you can now play a bit with the Left and right offset until you find the right values:

Ok, now it looks good. But there's a problem: there's a lot of white empty space at both sides of the label. What if we make the image bigger until the rectangular photo of the guitar in the inside fills up the label vertically? Let's try. So first I reduce the top and bottom offset (entering negative values):

That's fine. I increased the size as much as I can but without loosing the red border of the guitar photo. Now it looks distorted again, so I'll stretch it again until it looks good:

Ok. Now it looks better because the important part of the image (the guitar) is much bigger and can be seen much better. But itsn't perfect yet. It will look even better if I fill up the white empty space with the same blue. But I cannot fill it with a single color because I already chosen to use a picture to fill it.

So here it comes the other label that it's below, without holes and without border. You can now fill it with any color:

If you want to choose from any color, just click over More color...

and then move it up to put it under the first one, taking profit that the 'white empty space' in the upper one is really a transparent space. There's no need to configure it so it's under the other; I've already did that. So here it goes:

And, there it is:

Looks perfect now! If you want two copies of the same label, just duplicate it as already shown above.
If you want to enter some text here or in the J-card, just keep reading...



Entering text

Now let's enter some text in the J-card. First of all, right clic over the border and select Add text:

And now you'll see the cursor ready to write. Enter the desired text as you would do normally. Enter also the text for the other sides of the J-card:

This is just an example and doesn't look as a nice J-card. I leave the final design up to you ;-)

For the text in the bottom rectangle you'll see that it will be flipped upside down automatically:

That is needed for this part of the J-card, to be seen properly when folded and fitted in the plastic case.



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